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How does German Connect work?

German Connect offers people who know talented individuals with a migration and refugee background the opportunity to help them to a secure and successful future in Germany.

You know individuals:

  • between 22 and 55 years old
  • with a German language proficieny level B1 or higher
  • with good staying-perspective in Germany (Syria, Iraq, Iran, Eritrea, Ukraine, Poland etc.), and
  • registered as unemployed or seeking education at the job center

Then register now and invite potential individuals to register on our site as well.

Every successful connection can lead up to a 500 € reward!


Connect and Win!

Reward for Connecting

Here is an example of how the connecting reward works:

  • Maria gets 500 € because she connects Ali directly.
  • Maria contacts Hans, who in turn successfully connects Hasan. In this case Maria and Hans each get € 250.
  • Finally, Maria writes to Michael and Michael contacts Ahmed, who successfully connects Aiman. In this Ahmed gets € 250 and Michael and Maria € 125 each.

In total, Maria gets 875 €, because she has connected three people (Ali, Hasan, Aiman). By doing do, she helps several times: The connected refugees, as well as all those who helped.

Win Win!

Connecting Step-by-Step


As a first step, you can register with an e-mail address and a user name on German Connect.

Share & Connect

After registering, you can suggest suitable candidates and connect them with us. For this purpose, you send an invitation to any number of potential candidates via the links available at the bottom of this page (Facebook, Twitter, Email, WhatsApp, etc). The invitees then register as applicants or Connectors on our site.

Very Important: You will first need to enter your name and email at the bottom of this page. Then a new window will open in which a personalized invitation code will be provided. You can use this to send your personal invitation via email, all social media channels, and WhatsApp etc. Only by using this system we can reconstruct after each successful connection who invited whom and allocate the reward accordingly.


Next, we will contact and / or match your proposed candidates with the wishes of our registered employers using our algorithm specifically developed for this purpose.


If successful, you can win up to 500 € reward! Very important: Even with mediation via other people who have been proposed by you, there is a reward. Anyone who gives a hint that leads to successful mediation will be rewarded! The prize money will be split accordingly.

Connect Now and Win!


Connecting Germany Together