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How does German Connect work?

German Connect offers talented individuals with a migration and refugee background the opportunity to build a secure and successful future in Germany.

Your Profile:

  • between 21 and 55 years old
  • German language proficiency¬†at least level B1
  • good staying-perspective in Germany (Syria, Iraq, Iran, Eritrea, etc.)
  • registered as unemployed or seeking education at the job center

Then register on our site, fill in your profile, and we’ll get back to you!

Upon successful completion of the train driver vocational training program and the passing of your probationary period, and start your future career!

Application Step-by-Step


As a first step, you can register with an e-mail address and a user name on German Connect.

Fill out the profile

After registering, you can create a user profile. On the profile, you can indicate what kind of work experience you have collected so far and what kind of job you want.


Next, we match your profile with the wishes of our registered employers using our algorithm specifically developed for this purpose.

Personal conversation

After successful matching, we can clarify all open questions in a personal conversation.

Contact employer

After all questions have been clarified, we establish the contact between you and your future employer.

Start career

After a successful conversation with your future employer, your new career can finally start! Nothing stands in the way of your successful and secure future in Germany.