About Us

What is German Connect? 


German Connect was developed by Dr. Fatih Uenal  (Harvard University) to help talented individuals with migration and refugee background to connect with reputable companies in Germany. With the help of a sophisticated custom-tailored algorithm, as well as numerous connections in different branches and locations all over Germany we enable the perfect matching between talented individuals and employers and initiate the first uncomplicated contact and exchange.

How does German Connect work?

German Connect is a matching platform that brings together migrant or refugee job seekers and interested employers using a specific algorithm. The algorithm is based on scientific findings from the fields of organizational and personality psychology research and also integrates insights from integration and migration research.

For applicants:
On our site, interested applicants can create a personal profile. In it, they can provide information on their previous work and training experiences. They can specify the areas in which they are looking for a vocational training or work. We match their profiles with the wishes of potential employers and establish the first contact after establishing a successful personal and psychological matching.

For connectors:
You know talented individuals with a migration or refugee background who are looking for a vocational training program or a job? You know individuals who are in contact with talented individuals? On our site you can register, get a profile and connect us with interested individuals. We match the profile of the individuals you refer to us with the wishes of potential employers and, after successful personal and psychological matching, we establish the first contact between employer and applicant.
Every successful connection can expect a reward of up to 500 €. You can find more information about Connections and how the reward works right here.


For whom is German Connect?

With German Connect we want to help talented individuals with a migration and refugee background to build a secure future in Germany. The best way to gain a foothold in a new host country – as shown by decades of scientific research – is to successfully start a working career. Therefore, we help talented and motivated individuals by facilitating an easy entry into the labor market. In doing so, we work with a scientifically proven psychological and personal matching algorithm that optimally matches the needs and talents of the applicants with the wishes and offers of the employers registered with us, thus enabling optimal placement and integration. Our service makes it easier for people with refugee background to complete the often long and difficult process leading up to training or work, thus speeding up the first and most important step in arriving at a new society, labor market integration.

Numerous initiatives and volunteers have made it their mission to support people with a migration and refugee background in Germany. We want to support that in the area of job placement by simplifying processes and making them more efficient. Through German Connect individuals and initiatives can easily help talented and motivated individuals who are looking for a job or training place and get rewarded for their help! Every successful connection will be rewarded with up to 500 €! More information about connectivity and rewards can be found here.

Refugee labor market integration benefits not only refugees and employers, but also society as a whole. Self-employed work means that refugees no longer depend on social benefits and hence, can provide for themselves and their family members. As workers in the so-called shortage occupations (“Mangelberufe”), they not only contribute to the economic performance of Germany, but also occupy jobs that are otherwise difficult to fill. However, structural and institutional integration not only promotes Germany’s economic performance, but also has significant effects on the emotional integration of the immigration society of Germany: the positive effect of integrating of people with a migration and refugee background into the labor market and their subsequently more secure outlook towards life in Germany, ultimately leads to an overall improved social climate. Successful integration into the labor market can only benefit our society as a whole.


Why German Connect?
Decades of research on refuge, migration and integration shows that the fastest and most effective way to a new life in a new society is –above all– through labor market integration. Despite this well-known fact, however, the path to successful labor market integration of new arrivals is marked by numerous hurdles, ranging from bureaucratic obstacles, missing information and knowledge of the German labor market, to simply missing social networks.

At the same time, the challenges facing the German labor market as a result of demographic change and a shortage of skilled labor are, in the long term, one of the most important tasks for German society. This is precisely where German Connect comes in and has set itself the goal of grasping the current situation in Germany, which many refer to as the “(refugee) crisis”, as a “(refugee) opportunity”. Through our services, we intervene in the labor market integration process with the help of state-of-the-art technology and proven scientific models and accelerate the otherwise tedious and lengthy process of labor market integration of newcomers. This benefits the new arrivals and employers as well as the broad society as a whole:

A Win Win Win Situation!

Who is behind German Connect?

The platform was developed and initiated by Dr. Fatih Uenal  (Harvard University) to help talented individuals with migration and refugee background to connect with reputable companies in Germany.

Dr. Fatih Uenal is a German-Turkish social- and political psychologist. After studying Islamic Studies at the Free University of Berlin, he completed his doctorate in political science at the Humboldt University in Berlin. He is currently working as a researcher at the Department of Psychology at Harvard University (Boston, USA). His research interests include the topics of refugees, migration, climate change, and integration. In his work he tries to synthesize scientific knowledge with practical solutions for current societal challenges and to make them accessible to a broader public.

If you have questions or feedback, feel free to contact me.