German Connect

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Are you interested in an exciting training opportunity with a secure future perspective? Do you want to learn a profession that will bring you up to 2100 € net per month and more?

Successfully complete the vocational training program as a train conducter (12 months) and the probationary period after the training program and start your career in confidence!

Design your career for your secure future in Germany.


You know individuals who are looking for an exciting training opportunity at a successful German company? You want to help someone to build a secure future in Germany?

You know or work with people with a migration or refugee background and would like to contribute to their integration?

Connect us with talented individuals. With successful placement for train conductor training program your effort will be rewarded with up to 500 € per connection!

German Connect was developed by Dr. Fatih Uenal (Harvard University) to help talented individuals with migration and refugee background to connect with reputable companies in Germany. With the help of a sophisticated algorithm, as well as numerous connections in different branches and locations all over Germany, we enable the perfect matching between talented individuals and employers and initiate the first uncomplicated contact and exchange.

Our Partners

Currently we are looking for 300 new train conductors! Apply now, successfully complete a 12-month training and a 6-month trial period and secure your future!

Create your career, secure your future now

It has always been your dream to learn a great job? Then fulfill it!

Your profile:

  • Willingness for  shift and change-services
  • Minimum age of 22 years
  • Physically as well as mentally fit and resilient
  • Responsibility, flexibility, willingness to learn and customer orientation
  • German language proficiency at least level B1
Vacancies Annually
Different Professions
Up to monthly
Months of training

What we are looking for

For more than 500 different professions, we can connect more than 4,000 motivated applicants every year all over Germany.

Whether experienced professionals or newcomers from non-specialist areas – we offer connections to numerous entry and advanced training opportunities, such as:

  • Train Conductors (with bonus)
  • Mechanics
  • Electronics technician
  • IT specialists
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • and much more

Work and vocational training opportunities throughout Germany: We have contacts to work and vocational training opportunities in each state, in large cities, as well as in smaller towns and communities.

What we offer

Stability and safety:
You can be sure of a long-term perspective in Germany through your permanent employment in future-oriented and well-known companies.

Attractive conditions:
You get a permanent employment contract and job security as well as a variety of extra benefits, such as a job ticket, free travel in local and long-distance transport (also for family members), various travel benefits, a company pension plan and discounted insurance conditions.

Individual development and opportunities for advancement:
With seminars, training, and qualifications our partners offer you individual and long-term development and advancement opportunities at technical, project, or management level.